The Weirdest Characters of Guild War Universe

ArenaNet has designed and developed one MMORPG series, named Guild Wars. MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. This game wins many awards due to excellent graphics quality with less specification and no subscription Turai Ossa Rfee. Guild Wars series journey continues from 2005 to Guild Wars 2 in 2017. This 3D looking graphic game offers special features to the players like walking, running, talking, fighting, picking and even interacting with objects. Each skill has special effects that lies in a different classification. Player vs Environment (PvE)

Guild Wars series are designed in PvE operations in which player explore the game technique, clear every stage by taking the life of large creatures, play hunt, finish the war and gain rewards and move to the next level. The rewards could be gold, reputation badge, points and any item. Player vs Player (PvP) These operations are designed for team players. This mission has confined areas and characters are challenged to a battle with each other like in a war, and the winning team will be rewarded for the most successful mission accomplishment.

Characters Guild Wars game provides many built-in characters to play with and also give the opportunity to their user to create their own characters. This function helps them to define the thoughts, motivation, skill set and weaknesses of their character Some players design them with amazing artistic skills and some add humor while designing their warriors. Some of those weird characters also captured my eyes.

Turai Ossa: He is the brave warrior stands to defend their close players and lord.

Nika: She has the skill to be secretive among the team and the lord.

Grymm Svaard: He is the sailor He has the ability to fight with the strongest enemy and knock them down.

Rediche The Risen: This character look-alike Vekk. He is young with a good clever mind. He develops amazing items for helping other heroes.

Johnny Bravo: Creepy but funny character creation like childhood favorite, Johnny Bravo. His attire doesn't work along with Guild Wars heroes but still add humor in playing.

Mario Bros All time favorite Nintendo character Mario Bros. People depict this character to judge how Mario looks like a warrior avatar.

Hulk: Many people have put on extraordinary effort and thought to design their characters. Hulk is the one example that people applaud the most This creation matches with this game theme.

Ronald McDonald: Some create an incredible game mechanism using the character, Ronald McDonald. Imagine this character plays the adventure and use hamburger and fries in game. So weird.

Rainbow Dye: This is a lady avatar having tremendous color combinations. Ready to fight like a hero. Zojja: She moves spells. Her spells consist of different elements and are so strong that restore any wound.

Grindahl: He is an Engineer with heavy armor look. He belongs to Iron Legion.

Blonde Dreads: Another perfect warrior designed to give tough time to the enemies. Armour shoulder, blonde thick hair depict action hero structure.

In short, Guild Wars is a magnificent game that attracts users for many reasons. Its incredible features and rewards capture the interest of many users. Empowering players to create their own character, choosing their abilities and purpose offers next level gaming experience to the users.