Welcome to the Grove

Since I spend far too much time talking about Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 these days (what a surprise), I’ve started up a blog where I can write down these musings instead of rambling at friends of mine who aren’t really all that interested in the games. Silly them, but that’s their loss!

I know that Guild Wars is largely considered a dying game, and most people are just looking forward to GW2, but I happen to disagree with that. I play GW avidly, and only in the past half a year have really started doing any work on titles. And even that I’m going slowly through. But hey, it’s something, right? I also tend to hop between characters (having one of each profession fully leveled up), so that once I finish something on my main, I can jump over to someone else for a bit of a change of pace.

Of course, I am looking forward to GW2 quite a bit, myself! I’m especially interested in what the remaining professions are going to be. I’m holding out on the fact that one is going to be Mesmer, and they just need to actually announce. I love Mesmers, and I intend to play one as my main for GW2. Of the races, the Sylvari are my favorite by far, so I can’t wait to see Sylvari Week.

And of course there’s tons of other stuff I talk about. I like to ramble, after all.


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