Mallyx, you suck.

So, slowly my guild leader and I have been working away at Domain of Anguish. And when I say slowly, I do mean it – we first started tackling it over a year ago. He’s poked at it (hah, poked – he plays a Paragon) more than I have, and has finished all of the areas in it now. I still have yet to do Ravenheart Gloom (I’m lazy) and Foundry of Failed Creations (…screw that place). GL decided to give Mallyx a try.

And I got an email that simply says “Mallyx sucks”.

The design of the elite areas in GW has always been their weak point, in my opinion, but Mallyx is just bad in every way. I mean, let’s think about this for a moment. Enchantment use shuts down your skills. Hexes and conditions just translate into healing.


I play a Dervish. I am basically useless without enchantments. Sure, I can…auto-attack…with reduced armor…oh boy. No enchantments = monks are severely hampered. No hexes or conditions = see you later, Mesmers, Necromancers, and Elementalists. And don’t forget those stupid spirits that drain your energy, make it so that you won’t hit half the time, and so on…physical attacks are useless.

You have to have such a specific team setup to even hope to try and defeat Mallyx – and this team setup has to also be able to survive the initial waves of enemies before you get to fight the Margonape (as he’s been nicknamed). You’re basically shoehorned into very limited and specific roles if you want to have a chance at defeating this. And it’s ridiculous.

Meanwhile, since I want that damn statue, I’m in the process of completing Nightfall on my Ritualist. But it sure would be nice if I even had a chance to do it with my Dervish.


2 thoughts on “Mallyx, you suck.

  1. Ravenheart Gloom isn’t so bad but The Foundry is terrible. It is the one that always holds me back when I attempt to clear with mostly heroes. Mallyx can be faced with a few enchantments just the combination of monk and dervish would probably lock you down pretty good. The last time I fought him I used a combination of ritualists and UA monk to keep disabled skills to a minimum.

    If you want to try and complete the area sometime this week I’d be happy to take another shot at him.

    • Foundry is a fraking pain. Honestly I’m just lazy (I found Veil and City pretty easy), and kind of irritated and disheartened that my chances of defeating Mallyx with my preferred character are pretty slim.

      I don’t really have any time to spend playing this week, but thanks for the offer 🙂

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