Here be Dragons!

Dragons. They are slightly important to Guild Wars 2…being as the plot basically revolves around trying to stop them from destroying the world. When it comes down to it, we don’t know much about the dragons themselves, though. We know how many Elder Dragons are threatening Tyria – five – but we still lack the name of one, the deep sea dragon (nicknamed “Bubbles”). We know that they have minions, as well as each having their own champion.

The Great Lava Turkey - I mean, Destroyer

Or at least, they each did – Primordus’ original champion was the Great Destroyer, who was destroyed in Eye of the North, delaying Primordus from awakening. His second, the Destroyer of Life, was destroyed by Destiny’s Edge. But has he created/procured himself a new champion? My guess is that it would be another particularly large and powerful Destroyer, but as of yet, we don’t know. Perhaps it’s something that we won’t know for a while, since Primordus lurks underground, but even so.

And that of course raises the question – just how is a dragon champion created? Glint had been Kralkatorrik’s champion for centuries of years; her ability to see into minds caused her to turn against her master and hide in the Crystal Desert. GW2 Wiki says that she was created with the goal of protecting her master, but…just how was she created? Morgus Lethe, Zhaitan’s former champion, was “corrupted” by Zhaitan, but we don’t know much about this corruption other than sylvari are immune to it.

So far that we know of, both Zhaitan and Kralkatorrik have replaced their defeated champions, their new ones being Tequatl the Sunless and the Shatterer. The fact that both are dragons themselves (champions do not necessarily need to be dragons) brings about the question of just how many dragons currently exist in Tyria? In GW1, undead dragons in certain Krytan areas were…not quite common, but not uncommon either. Cantha had Saltspray Dragons. There were also creatures that were classified as dragons, but the resemblence was less – Drakes and Bonesnap Turtles for example. These lesser ones were more common, but somehow I doubt they would make suitable dragon champions. Tequatl could be a reanimated undead dragon (think Rotscale, but nastier), made to fight for Zhaitan.

The Shatterer - not a happy crystal chicken.

The Shatterer is a bit more of an enigma. There were no dragons living in/around the Dragonbrand that we knew of in GW1, except for Glint herself. So where did this dragon that Kralkatorrik corrupted come from? And would any random dragon work, or would it need to be a crystal dragon, like Kralkatorrik and Glint themselves were?

And connected to that…Glint had a child, the baby crystal dragon that we protected from Destroyers during Glint’s Challenge in Eye of the North. We don’t know the fate of this baby dragon – if it’s still alive, if it was corrupted by an elder dragon or not, or where it is.

Jormag’s champion was destroyed; as of yet we don’t know if he has a new champion, or what it is. Nor do we know what happened with the dragon frozen within Drakkar Lake in Eye of the North, or why Jormag had created the Dragonspawn instead of awakening his old champion.

And then there’s Bubbles, which we know almost nothing about, including its name. It’s an underwater dragon, its awakening coincided with the krait invading the quaggan lands, and it can create creatures from the water but…that’s about it. We don’t know what kind of champion it has, or if it even has one.

I’d love to see some more lore and information about the dragons themselves; how they work, how they create or select a champion, what sort of lesser dragons exist and how many…there’s so much potentially interesting info here we don’t yet know. I’m sure most we’ll find out in game, but that doesn’t help the curiosity much 😛

…also, I totally want to see an NPC in-game refer to the sea dragon as “Bubbles”. Just sayin’.


7 thoughts on “Here be Dragons!

  1. I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into some champions! I really hope we get a number of expansions, each dealing with a separate Elder Dragon + Champions. Taking out bubbles would certainly be interesting.

    In fact, having seen the Shatterer and Tequatl I can’t even imagine what a true Elder is going to look like…

  2. Well, there’s no rule that says a champion has to be a corrupted version of something preexisting, is there? It seems evident that the Great Destroyer, the Destroyer of Life, and the Dragonspawn were all magically created constructs rather than corruptions of existing entities. Indeed, Primordus seems to be the only Elder Dragon that doesn’t play the corruption game at all – all Destroyers are constructs born from magma, after all.
    And conversely, Zhaitan seems to be the only Elder Dragon that relies solely on corruption, which makes sense. You can’t just make undead appear. However, I’m wondering if Tequatl the Sunless is sort of both – a construct made of corrupted parts, maybe? Similar to Blimm’s bone-constructed tomb guardian in Ghosts of Ascalon. We’ll see, I suppose!

    Then thinking of dragons already extant in Tyria: Glint didn’t reveal to us in GW1 that she was a dragon champion. So… are we going to have to worry about Kuunavang if we make it to Cantha in the future? Or is Kuunavang coming to us as Bubbles’ champion? After all, Kuunavang lived near the Harvest Temple, which was just on regular ocean before the Jade Wind. Admittedly, since it was on the southern end of Cantha, thus farthest from Tyria, it doesn’t seem likely Kuunavang will be heading to Tyria in any case. But who knows? Maybe Kuunavang and a sixth Elder Celestial Dragon will be waiting for us beyond the Clashing Seas… dun dun dunnnnn!

    • Well, we know basically nothing about the Dragonspawn – whether it was something that Jormag corrupted or not, we don’t know. The only dragons we specifically know can create minions are Primordus and Bubbles. The others so far we just know of them corrupting living things in various ways. Buuuuut we don’t know, and they’re not giving much info on the dragons so far, the majority of what we know is from the novels, haha.

      I don’t know if they’d pull that one again; Glint being a champion was a bit of a punch because it was something we wouldn’t have expected; that dragon that wrote and told us the Flameseeker Prophecies and helped us is a champion?! If they did it again with Kuunavang it would just be like “…seriously? No.” But who knows. They probably will find some way to tie Kuunavang in to this.

  3. Glint’s baby that you protected *IS* the Shatterer!!!! (Que dramatic music) Dunh, dunh, DUNH!!!!

    I love speculation articles like this one… Well done Miss! And the way you wrote it reminded me of the serials that used to play in the theaters before the movies… Will our intrepid adventurers discover the truth behind the origins of the Shatterer, or learn exactly how involved the asura race was in the creation of Tequatl the Sunless? Tune in next time!

    • Hah! This entry actually came from a discussion my boyfriend and I were having (…several posts of mine have come from us nerding out about lore stuff), and at the same time we went “…what if Glint’s baby is Shatterer?” You never know!

      Thank you! I like speculating on things and seeing what sorts of conclusions I and others reach, and it’s always fun to see how much they line up with the truth, once that info is revealed 😀

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