Beta? Sooner than we thought!

Another Mesmer ❤

Right now is a great time to be a Guild Wars 2 fan, with more info having been released today, thanks to dev chats on both reddit and an IRC chat.

Among the bits of info that got out during those chats were some more information about the Mesmer reveal (like the differences between clones and phantasms – clones are mainly just for distractions, for example), an amusing Mesmer elite skill that turns an enemy into a moa bird, WvW info (500 people on a map at a time!)…and an answer to possibly one of the most burning questions that people have been asking for years.

When is the beta going to start?!

Well, we have an answer. Closed beta starts on December 16th…which is this Friday.

Now, don’t let this get your hopes up! Participants will be selected by the studio, and there will be no public application for this phase of the beta. So do not trust any sites that you see that are advertising beta signups, as they are scams.

Still, closed beta starting means that we’re that much closer to the game releasing. It’s still quite some time off, but this little bit of news makes that end of the tunnel just that much closer.

More from the reddit chat can be found here on Guild Wars Insider.


2 thoughts on “Beta? Sooner than we thought!

  1. To me, this just means there is now a visible light at the end of the tunnel. Even a tightly controlled beta (for actual *testing*… not just a glorified demo like so many are these days) means that ANet is feeling confident in their latest builds, and that the most important foundational pieces are basically in place.

    There may still be considerable tweaking and refining necessary between now and the finish line, but we’re coming into to view of that finish line finally and I’m more confident that we will see the game’s release sometime in 2012.

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