Who am I?

This post is written for the GuildMag blog carnival on character diversity, and is from the point of view of the character that will be my main in Guild Wars 2. As such, it is more of a short story than a traditional blog entry.

Who am I? That question is one that has multiple answers. I am a sylvari, I am a Mesmer. I was born of the cycle of the Dusk. In fact I was born just very recently, only having been born of our mother, the Pale Tree, not at all long ago. It was a lovely evening, as I recall; having awoken, my knowledge of the Dream telling me that it was sundown. There were many other sylvari waking up at the same time as I was. The Dream also told us of that, of the threat to our world that necessitated more and more sylvari being brought into Tyria.

As I was born, I only knew what the Dream told me, though, and a few select other things. I knew that my name was Liusaidh. I do not know why I knew that, or why I chose that name – or did I? Did the Pale Tree choose it for me? I knew that I would have talents in magic. Illusions, particularly.

I learned to better wield my magic; I favor using a scepter and a sword. An unusual combination, to be sure. But I feel it sends a message. Do not think me an easy target because I stand back and cast spells; if you get too close, you shall meet my steel. Nor is it wise to think that because I use my sword in my off-hand that I am not a skilled duelist and can only use it for a last-minute defense. I can swap my scepter for my sword with a moment’s notice, taking a focus to facilitate my spell-casting.

I never go anywhere without my sword. Despite that I am not a Warrior, it is as much a part of me as my magic is.

I have been told that sylvari that are born during the time of dusk tend towards being philosophers; sharply intelligent and always thinking. I do not believe it bragging when I say that I have a mind as keen as my blade. I wear a mask, however. A pleasant smile that I show to the world; let them think a serious thought has never crossed my mind. Behind that mask, though, is a mind that does not stop thinking.

It is amazing the things people will say in your presence when they believe you to be utterly vapid.

Perhaps this is manipulation. But I am a Mesmer, after all. It is what I do. You would think that more people would realize that to enter into any sort of conversation with a Mesmer, even a newly-born sylvari, is to risk being trapped in a web of illusions.

Why am I here, though? Why was I awoken on Tyria? The dragons have awakened and are threatening the world, the Pale Tree tells us. We must learn to work with the other races in order to defeat this threat. But at the same time, she tells us…do not become so wrapped up in this that you forget all else. Learn all that you can, for everything that a sylvari learns will enter the Dream. Learn who you are. Learn about love. I have heard about love from others; I have seen the passion between two that share the same heart. I do not understand it, yet. I would like to some day myself.

There is just so much out there to see, to do, to learn! I would like to know it all. I know that this is impossible, realistically speaking…but even so. I know that the other races have been around for a long time, and have long histories and repositories of information. I would like to travel Tyria, visit other parts of the world. I would like to meet new people, make friends, perhaps even…fall in love.

But…at the same time, I cannot forget the threat that is the dragons. There are many teachings within the Tablet, that we base our society upon…but to me, the most important of the teaching that Ventari left us with is to act with wisdom, but act. I am here for a reason, as are we all. I have a calling, and I will do what I can to help this world. I will not sit idly by when there are things that need doing. That is not my style.

I am curious. I am determined. I am a duelist. I wear a mask of a smile. I am a Mesmer. I am a sylvari.

I am Liusaidh, and there is no one else like me.


10 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Heh very much enjoyed reading everything you have already imagined for your character. That last bit damn near reads like a commercial for GW2 🙂

    I could totally see one of those all white room type commercials with your character and yourself standing there saying that one line at a time back and forth and then saying the last bit in unison together.

    Would be pretty awesome, I do think.

    • I’m a big roleplayer, so while I don’t tend to actually RP in MMOs, I still give my characters personalities. So far only my sylvari and my human Thief have fully-fleshed out personalities, though.

      Thanks! And hehe, that would be neat.

  2. Oh I loves this. I love the detail you have put in portraying your character and giving her a very definite personality . I always find that I myself bond more with my character I play in MMOs if I put some effort into fleshing them out.

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  4. First of all, I love posts written in character. I do that as often as I can.

    Second, I appreciate the emphasis on the sword and dueling. Perhaps a gameplay preference on your part or a character preference, but it is something to emphasize about the mesmer. I’ve been hoping for a sword since day 1 of GW1 after seeing the concept art on the box. I’m happy that it was included in the GW2 mesmer. I’m not saying I would’ve /ragequit if it was absent, but I prolly would have thrown some sort of tantrum.

    • I always ran around in GW1 with my Mesmer using a sword (completely useless on her? Yes. Looked cool? HELL YES), so I was beyond pleased when they announced Mesmer for GW2 and we get swords 😀

      Then again, I’ve also always seen the Mesmer as basically a fantasy version of the Jedi, who were all skilled swordfighters, so yeah. Mesmers need swords, damnit.

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