Who am I? (Another Tale)

Dak again, to join in the GuildMag character diversity blog carnival!  This is written from the second person perspective, as speaking to one of my planned characters, since I couldn’t resist a chance to hear him speak myself.

Well, all of the stories, really.

Ah, hello!  Come, join me at the bar, my friend.  The stoutest ale for the both of us.

You seem new to these parts, so allow me to welcome you to Hoelbrak, my home and the home of many norn, when we’re not testing ourselves against the wilds.

Myself?  I am Arrun the Chronicler, son of Asgeir the Iron-Maul.  Norn are people of great deeds, and we achieve immortality by performing feats none other can.  When our tales have passed into legend, retold night after night by a raging fire, then we become eternal!  And I have taken it upon myself to gather those stories, catalog the greatest epics the world has to offer, then tell them wherever I go.  When my tradition is spread through the norn nation, then I, too, will be legendary, the Great Chronicler!

Ahhh… a wondrous draught if ever I tasted one.  Of course, I wouldn’t be much of a norn if I couldn’t handle myself!  I am a ranger, as fleet of foot as my arrows take to the air.  But in my mind, the most important quality of the greatest of heroes is cunning.  Only with guile can you outwit your enemy, or your prey, with truly legendary style.  Mental prowess keeps a hunter like me one step ahead.

For the most part, anyway.  We all have our lapses, and, well… at a recent moot, I had a bit too much to drink, and wagered a family heirloom on a test of strength… I lost.  But we norn are ever optimistic, and when I meet him again I will get it back somehow!

I know this because Snow Leopard, one of our Spirits of the Wild, spoke to me when I was but a cub.  She teaches us strategy, stealth, independence, and how to laugh when danger looms.  Her wisdom has guided me since, and I know she has great intentions in store for me.  She has even sent me a snow leopard pet to aid my life’s journey, and its grace and stealth is ever an inspiration for me to act in kind.

Tomorrow I will go to the Wayfarer Foothills, and visit the shrines to the Spirits of the Wild there before heading to the Great Hunt with Eir Stegalkin and Knut Whitebear.  I’ve had a feeling that my life will soon change, and I intend to throw myself into it headlong.

I am Arrun the Chronicler, and in collecting the stories of many I will create a story all my own.


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