Guild Wars 2 for Preorder – Not Prepurchase!

The date where it is possible to prepurchase your copy of Guild Wars 2 is creeping closer and closer – less than a week left! For quite a while, there’s been retailers in Europe taking preorders on the CE, but not in the US. A recent list has confirmed that in the US, Gamestop will be the only ones doing prepurchase of the GW2 Collector’s Edition.

Now, I happen to work at a certain video game retailer in the US (*cough*powertotheplayers*cough*). I’ve had a copy of GW2 preordered there since August of 2009, after it was revealed at Gamescom. Until yesterday, it was the oldest preorder still in our system.

Because as of yesterday, the CE is available in the system there.

Now! A few things first.

  • It is currently up for PREORDER. Not PREPURCHASE. There is a difference! Prepurchase does not start until the 10th. Do not run in and pay for it all now. Do that after the 10th.
  • We still do not have info on exactly how prepurchases will work. Don’t bug me about this because I know as much as everyone else 😛
  • I have no idea how limited this is going to be, how many the company’s going to have available, how long they’re going to be available, or anything like that. That’s not info that’s given to us on the store level.
  • The minimum to preorder it is $25. They just changed the minimum required for CE preorders and so any placed yesterday may have had a different amount (I had to put down $30, for example), but today it was fixed to $25.
  • You CANNOT prepurchase through the website. This is because preorders done through the site (to pick up in a store) do not require any sort of money down; when you order it to be shipped to you you are not charged until it ships. You must go into a physical store to do this.
  • Don’t ask me for prepurchase codes. It’s not happening. Go do it yourself.

So there you go. It’s available, but currently only for preorder; prepurchase will not be available until after the 10th. If you do go in before then to preorder, don’t go harassing the employees because you’re not getting your prepurchase codes. You’re not supposed to yet.

And if you do go in early to do this, don’t be surprised if you have to cancel and redo your order when you go back to complete the prepurchase. Because, as I said, we don’t yet have info on exactly how this is going to work.

Good luck!


8 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 for Preorder – Not Prepurchase!

  1. What I’m wondering is if your local Gamestop has a ton of preorders for the CE, could it be possible that there won’t be enough copies for the people waiting to prepurchase?

    • It’s possible, but it’s highly unlikely. I love GW2, as is obvious, but it’s not as big of a title as most that we see. The chances of it selling out in a week are extremely slim.

  2. I asked 2 different Gamestops, and both of them are telling me that the CE will only give us a 1-day headstart. I’m asking them again on the 10th.

    • They’ve given us absolutely zero info in the stores about how any related to prepurchase works – most people don’t even know it exists unless they’re fans and following it at all. So yeah, hopefully over the weekend we’ll be filled in on that.

        • Well, kinda. It’s like I said – there’s been absolutely nothing communicated to the stores about it and the only way any employee knows anything about it right now is if they’re already a fan and following it. it’s not that they’re mistaken, it’s that they simply do not know.

          In other words, at the stores we know exactly the same things that everyone else following the game does. Assuming that the employees have been following GW2, which obviously not all have been.

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