Beta Key Giveaway!

Thanks to the always-awesome DamagedSelf, we have a beta key to give away for the upcoming April Guild Wars 2 beta!

Now, first and foremost, a few small notes:

  1. The date has not yet been announced for the April beta, just that it will be towards the end of the month.
  2. This is for ONE KEY only. Just one. And just for that beta.
  3. If you already prepurchased, be fair to those who haven’t and don’t enter. Obviously there’s no way of checking on this, but please, give those who can’t a chance.

So! Now, the important info. Since we don’t have a date for the beta yet, this contest is going to be short and sweet. You have until 10pm CST on Sunday, April 15th, to submit your entries. You can submit them by emailing them to me at with “beta key contest” as the subject. Edit to add a couple of things: One entry per person, please! Just to make it fair on everyone else. And if you want to go by any particular name if I happen to post your entry, please include that with your entry as well.

And what I want you to do? Submit a tweet-sized reason, in-character, of why you want to get into this beta! This means a few things. First of all, you’re limited to 140 characters or less. No exceptions! If it goes over, it’s disqualified. I highly recommend using a character counter to make sure that it’s not too long. Second of all, it must be written from the point-of-view of one of your characters. So, a tweet on why you want to play isn’t going to cut it here – I want to hear why your character wants to be played!

It doesn’t have to be serious, either. Anything from “If I don’t get vengeance for my sister’s death, then who will? No one seems to care about the common soldier anymore…” to “So I heard about this really cool charrzooka. Why didn’t they tell us about it while training in the warband?! I’ll explode all the things!” to “Living in this box is a bit cramped. I need to get out and see the world! Really, I have a cramp in my neck…let me out into Tyria…”, as just a few examples. Have fun with it!

So, get to it! The winner, as well as a few others of my favorite entries, will be announced on Monday or Tuesday (depending on my work schedule) as well as emailed their key. Good luck and have fun!


13 thoughts on “Beta Key Giveaway!

  1. My character would like to be played so it can own in the pvp! it also wanna get played so it can show the whole world how guild wars 2 is! if the character aint getting in the beta who will then? if my character can´t show the world of guild wars 2 is who can then? my character will fight to the end!

  2. My character would like to get into the beta so it can test pvp and the new dungeon system, and it needs to show the world guild wars 2!

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  5. My thief wants to be played for he thirsts for the blood on his daggers and the sounds of a bullets whizzing through the air, he craves the battleground and is ravenous for the Adventure.

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