And the winner is…

Well, the creativity of the Guild Wars 2 community never fails to surprise and amuse me – the entries I got for the beta key giveaway were nothing short of amazing (and quite often, hilarious). Unfortunately, there could only be one winner! First, though, some of our favorites that I received, as voted on by Dak and myself…

The world is full of slow-witted bookahs and giant angry cat people. Without me in, Tyria is only a low intellect carnival with no leader.

These ghosts threaten my home and I refuse to knell before them like the humans that they are. I will gladly die to bring my cubs peace.

I’m sick of drinking at the Prancing Pony, the ale has never been the same since they raised the level cap to drink… To the Rosewind!

However, to both of us, the winner was a clear one. Succinct and to the point, as well as the added bonus of having had made me burst out laughing the moment I read it, everyone give Zera Shadowhand a round of applause!

Because if I don’t raise the dead, Zhaitan will! And by my leafy green hair everyone will love my idea of undead butlers!

Congratulations, Zera, and be sure to check your email! Watch out for the undead butlers, though, I’ve heard they can bite at times.

And thanks to all who entered!


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