Beta Next Weekend!

So, chances are likely, you’re already aware that the first Beta Weekend Event is happening next weekend, from April 27th until the 29th. If somehow you didn’t…well, now you know! It’s a public beta, so personally I plan on taking tons of screenshots and video of gameplay – the first week of May the internet is going to really explode with goodies from the beta.

However, as you can see in that blog post, the only playable races remain the humans, norn, and charr. Still no asura or, very sadly, sylvari.

Obviously, I wanted to be able to try out the sylvari. As I’m a teeny bit of a fan of them. So now I have a bit of a decision to make…what do I play? And so I turn to you, the reader, to help me decide. However, first, a couple of notes:

  • Of the three available races, humans are my favorite. Mostly because I really love the lore in GW1. However, with HOM not being available in the beta (obviously) I have no particular attachment to them at the moment.
  • Of the professions, I have no interest in playing a Necromancer, and I greatly dislike the Engineer. So don’t suggest those 😛

So with that said – what do you think? I’m thinking of being typical and going for human Mesmer, but I’ve a feeling there’s going to be a ton of them. However…it’s Mesmer. I can’t not play a Mesmer. The other option that stands out to me is a charr Thief. Neither of these combos are what I plan on playing in the actual game itself, for the record 😛

As far as what to do in the game, Lion’s Arch will be open for the first time, so I plan on exploring that as much as I can. I also plan on looking into crafting as I haven’t seen much on that yet. PvP isn’t of any interest, and I doubt I’ll have time to look into WvW, but who knows!

Anything in particular you’re looking to do or see in the beta?


9 thoughts on “Beta Next Weekend!

  1. If you want to play a Conditions (Staff) Mesmer, I’ll gladly bring my Conditions Necro, and we can proceed to ROFLstomp everything from level 1-20. I will warn you, I am addicted to crafting.

    • Crafting is one of those things I always wind up getting utterly hooked on in games, so I’m going to have to force myself to NOT spend the entire weekend working on it 😄

      • My Necro got good mileage out of going Light Armor and Artificing, might swap to Weapons-crafting or make an alt to do that. Haven’t decided yet. How about you?

  2. I think humans, despite my own distaste for them, will actually end up being the most popular race by far, just because that is what people played in the original by default and of course simply because we like to see ourselves in our avatars and that is easier with a human character.

    • I’m definitely going to be playing a human in the game, as I do want a character that’s the descendent of my GW1 main (and I’ve come up with a little story about how the descendents of a Dervish wound up as nobles in Kryta and why one’s a Thief…), but she’s not going to be my main.

      I do think they’re going to end up most popular by far, though, yes.

  3. I was a fan of the “idea” of the Norn, but I have to admit I’m not really grabbed by their actual execution in the game thus far. The females look interesting and diverse, but the men all look very, very similar, and the large size races look too … lumbering and well, LARGE ya know? I play one of those irl … no need to repeat the experience in game.
    I’ll be experimenting with at least 4 characters (necro, ele, war, and mes) and spending time in the PvP area so I can test out various skill and trait combinations. Probably just make all 4 of them human to simplify the process of getting past the starting point and into the PvP.
    If I get my questions answered early enough in the weekend then I’ll go do a bit of exploring, but that’s my agenda in a nutshell.
    Are you picking the professions you suggested because you are not interested in them after the launch of the game, or to satisfy curiousity about potential favorites like I am?
    The personal stories are more about the race than the profession, and since neither asura or sylvari are available I really have no worries on that front. (I’d still like to see asura and sylvari in a BWE before launch at some point, just so I can get an idea of appearance customization options I want to use when I actually get to create a character I can keep.)

    • Oh, no, I do definitely plan on playing Mesmer and Thief at launch! My main is going to be a sylvari Mesmer and I’ll also have a human Thief. They’re the professions that interest me the most, so I kind of want a headstart on trying them out in the BWE 😛 I’m going to try and limit myself to just one or two characters for this BWE, because otherwise I will not manage to make any progress because I’ll spend all of Friday just fiddling with character creation.

      At least with prepurchasing we get early access when the game comes out, because part of why I want to see the sylvari in a BWE is because I spend forever with character creation getting my characters to be just so, and I don’t want anyone to snap up my names while I’m perfecting my characters.

  4. Planning to have my main be a sylvari ranger on release. But since they are not in yet I will be playing either a thief or engineer dual pistol wielding female Norn. I have a concept of what the character will look like as well as a rough outline of a back story. I just have to find out during the weekend which of the two professions will fit it the best.

  5. My self I’m going to be trying out a Charr Eng as I’m really curious what that class is all about. Mesmer is up there but it seems to be one of the more popular so I’ll likely have lots of that after the BWE.

    For when the launch occurs I am going to go with Sylvari as I don’t know a thing about GW1 and I think their unique and “new” view point will be an awesome way to discover the world. Really haven’t settled a class for that yet as I think lots will change.

    Can’t wait to hear what adventures you get up to.

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