Gamer tested, kid approved!

So, as it so happens to be, I am part of a family of gamers. I started at the wee age of not-quite-three when my parents got an NES for Christmas, and the rest is history. My siblings all quite enjoy video games as well; my brother is the one that got me interested in Guild Wars in the first place!

One day when I was playing Guild Wars, nearly three years ago, my littlest sister (now ten years old) asked me if she could create a character. She specifically asked if she could make a character that could set things on fire and raise undead minions. Sure, why not! I said, and let her loose on the character creator. Thus, Isabella Windfire, an Elementalist/Necromancer, was born in Elona.

Isabella’s gone through some changes, as has my sister’s playstyle, as she’s gotten a bit older. She doesn’t use minions anymore, having realized that splitting too heavily between two professions like that just winds up with not being very good with either. She decided she wasn’t happy with the original hairstyle she had used, and used one of the makeover credits I had on my account to give Isabella a new hairstyle – a Canthan one. She managed to play a decent way through both Nightfall and Eye of the North on her own, learning to use her skills. I helped her set up my heroes, of course, and gave her free run of the contents of my storage. She’s also managed to collect a few sets of armor – a Shing Jea/Canthan mix that is blue, pink Tyrian, orange Iceforged, and at last, the red Elite Sunspear that you can see here (she also eventually wants a Norn set). She loves having minipets, and also loves using summoning stones.

Basically, the point of all of this, is that she loves Guild Wars. It’s simple enough that a kid can figure out how to play it, though it takes far more skill and time to really master the game. So when I started telling her about Guild Wars 2…she was excited. Very much so. She was particularly excited about being able to play as a charr, as Pyre is her favorite hero in GW1. She asks me every so often if there’s any new news for GW2. She asked me if she can create a character on my account (she wants to play a charr necromancer or elementalist).

And of course, her excitement about it got my youngest brother, who is about to turn nine, interested in the game as well!

So last week when the stress test happened, I found that I actually had very little time to play. They both had been asking if they could play, so I decided to let them each create a character and play for a bit instead of playing much myself.

The two of them had a blast, to put it mildly. My brother chose to make a human warrior that he had named Skull Man. He declared the opening fight against the Elemental “completely epic!”, and quickly decided that he really, really liked using a mace. My sister surprised me a bit; she made a charr elementalist she had named Katika Scourgepaw, but I had expected her to pick fire as her favored element. Instead, she went for water. She had wanted to have pink fur, but since it wasn’t possible, she instead went for hot pink armor. My brother didn’t really play with the sliders much, but my sister went to town with them.

Needless to say…the two loved the game. They had so much fun with it. They’re both asking me if they can make characters when the game releases. I fear that if I do, I’ll hardly get to play myself because they’ll always be wanting to play! I’ll definitely let them both play more during the next BWE.

And personally, I love that I can share a game I enjoy so much with my younger siblings and see them have so much fun with it. So, enemies of Tyria, beware – there’s a bright pink charr and a warrior dressed in green coming for you!


7 thoughts on “Gamer tested, kid approved!

  1. that’s pretty cool; i’m hoping when my son gets a little older I can let him mess around on my guild wars account as well. it’s always fun when you can share a hobby with family and friends!

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  4. I bought my family a copy of Guild Wars so my little brother (and sister, though she’s less into it) could play with me sometimes. When they got super excited for GW2 but found out that their computer wasn’t beefy enough, I bought them a better computer. Totally worth it to me! I’ve wanted “real friends” to play games with for as long as I’ve been playing online.

    • My mom is in need of a new computer, so I’m planning on building her a desktop…while also making it capable of running GW2 so that my sister and brother can also play. Definitely worth it indeed!

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