BWE #2, coming right up!

I’m sure by now that everyone’s read that we’ll be having the next Beta Weekend Event for Guild Wars 2 next weekend, the weekend of June 8-10th. It’s a little later than…pretty much everyone predicted, but hey, stuff happens, and I’m not too surprised. So long as we get to play, it’s all good!

What was surprising, though, was the news that our characters from the first BWE have not been wiped and will be available for play! Which is nice, really, for a number of reasons, especially as we don’t get to see the sylvari or asuran lands quite yet.

First of all, it allows us to get more into the higher content areas that are available. Which, of course, means more chances for bug-testing and difficulty balancing, which is always helpful. Testing doesn’t do a whole lot of good if there’s suddenly a wild difficulty spike at one point, after all. And for us players, that means not having to start all over and re-clear the starting areas we’ve likely already cleared by now.

In other words – less risk of someone getting bored before the game launches. Of course, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of people who start a new character or two in order to try out a different profession than they’d played previously (I may do this myself), but I think most people will prefer to continue on with their characters they were already playing with. To do things like try the Ascalon Catacombs dungeon, finish the personal story if they haven’t yet, unlock elite skills, and so on. Not to mention being able to spend more time in PvP and WvW, and simply exploring everything that they can. Verene the Mesmer, last seen somewhere near Lychcroft Mere in Kryta, will certainly be back in action next weekend!

And if you haven’t yet prepurchased? Go take a look at both GuildMag and Guild Wars 2 Journal – both sites are holding contests to give away 20 beta keys!


One thought on “BWE #2, coming right up!

  1. Carting a bit of the population off to the higher level zones probably also helps at least scaling tests for the newbie areas. We know that smaller events only scale to a certain level, and that one of the problems in the first beta, temporary as it were, was that the groups roaming the maps were well in excess of this, making events trivial. I imagine, by having less people in the zone, ANet will have an easier time evaluating whether events respond as they should to “normal” amounts of players. This is also, I believe, the first time we will see serious outside testing of the Explorable mode dungeons, that we have so far only seen through the eyes of press at special events.

    I have no intent of trying myself, having decided to use the weekend to see if Mesmer is something I could enjoy playing, but I have to wonder if they are going to cheat and unlock explorable mode directly; Normally players would need to beat story mode first, but with only a weekend I could see them disabling that requirement to let people apply their collective foreheads directly to that particular brick wall 🙂

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