The long wait…has come to an end.

For years now, we’ve been obsessively tracking every bit of info about Guild Wars 2 that makes it to our impatient hands. We’ve watched videos, speculated on everything to the sun and back, theorycrafted builds, planned characters, drew fanart, even got to finally try then game recently…

And today, we learned when that journey of waiting will come to an end.

I only just woke up about half an hour ago. When I did, the first thing that came to my attention was a post in the Guild Wars 2 thread on a forum I frequent. As I’m the usual person who posts any news there, I had to see, out of curiosity of what could have been announced. Maybe some notes from the stress test yesterday, maybe?

No, it was something far better than that. It was a release date announcement.

This morning, Mike O’Brien posted up a blog post stating that the game will be launching on August 28th, 2012, and that the final BWE will be July 20-22.

August 28th. That’s two months away. Only two months left! I mean…wow. With how long we’ve all been waiting for this game…two months is almost nothing. It’ll be here before we all know it. Nor more needing to speculate on when it could possibly come out. No more needing to wait.

In two more months, we will have the game in our hands, and this journey will have come to an end…and a new one, our journey through Tyria, will be starting.


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