The Pale Tree Climbing Expedition!

So, I was thinking things over.

The Pale Tree is massive. It is described as “towering like a skyscraper over the landscape“, with the lower levels of the Tree being the city of the Grove. The pods that sylvari grow in and are born from are high enough from the ground that a fall from them can be fatal.

Guild Wars 2 loves to let people explore. There are jumping puzzles and all sorts of little goodies that you can find from poking around.

Just how far up the Pale Tree is it possible to climb, then?

As I said previously, I already intend to spend most of my time during the upcoming BWE exploring the Grove. Exploring the Grove includes exploring the Pale Tree itself, of course.

And I intend to see just how far up the Tree I can climb.

I’m sure I’ll fall and die many a time during the attempt. But as someone who likes exploring, who likes to find all of the little details, and who just plain loves all things sylvari, I intend to keep pressing on and see how far up the Tree I can make it.

I wonder if it’s even possible to make it to the top…


(If anyone wishes to join me, I’ll be climbing my way up on Eternal Grove!)


5 thoughts on “The Pale Tree Climbing Expedition!

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  2. I also plan to explore as much of the tree as time permits, see you there!
    Also need to get my feet a little more wet in WvW and help out with pet data.

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