Prepare your wardrobe – armor previews!

So yesterday I did not get a whole lot of time to play during the stress test. I didn’t really want to start anything because of the limited amount of time I had to play, and originally my plan was to play with character creation and figure out what my sylvari mesmer and human thief will look like upon launch, and then do some exploring in Gendarran Fields.

And then someone mentioned in guild chat that you can preview just about every armor set in the Heart of the Mists.

…yup, totally a difficult decision there.

One of my misgivings about the game is that a lot of the low-level armor looks very samey, and that particularly among the light armors, a lot of it is unnecessarily skimpy. The look we got at the dungeon armors after the BWE put to rest a lot of those misgivings of mine, but still…what about all of the rest? There’s more than just dungeon, racial, and starter armor, after all!

It’s pretty much official that those misgivings are now in a coffin six feet under. There is so much variety out there. I think the light armors showed the most variety, but medium and heavy certainly aren’t lacking in options.

Here are some of my favorites…

One of the light sets – was titled “Champion”. I’ve loved this one since I first saw concept art of it ages ago – will have to have it šŸ˜€


If I remember correctly, this is the Whispers set for medium armor. This is what I’ll be aiming for for my human thief.

I don’t recall the name of this one, but it’s my favorite of the heavy sets. My sylvari guardian will have to have it.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get all of the medium armors, as one or two of the early ones glitched out and weren’t working properly on the preview, and I don’t have the racial armors for human, norn, charr, or asura. All armors are how they’d appear on a female sylvari. Still, I had over a hundred screenshots in total when I was done – which is a damn impressive number of sets! I only wish I’d gotten the names of them – even though I had it hovered over with the names visible when taking the caps, they only show in a few of the light armor caps. If you’re interested in checking out all of them, I have them uploaded to an album on Under the Pale Tree’s facebook page. All public of course, so if you don’t have facebook you can still view them.

What do you think of the armor selections and variety? What sets do you like the most?


8 thoughts on “Prepare your wardrobe – armor previews!

  1. Nice choices! I have been having a really hard time determining what weight class to make my sylvari main… since I really like the elementalist and guardian. Right now I’m pretty sure my sylvari will be a guardian.

    That heavy armor reminds me of concept art… I’ll see if I can find a link.

  2. I loved looking through all these. Props to Anet for such a wide variety of armor to choose from. I’m going to need more bank space JUST for armor sets. >_<

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