A fond farewell

If you have not yet seen the Wayfarer’s Reverie quests in Guild Wars, do yourself a favor and go check them out.

Not because you get a Tormented weapon for completing them all…but because it’s a lovely, nostalgic look back at a game that many of us played for years.

I don’t think I spent an entire day in GW1 since I completed vanquishing Cantha – it’s been well over a year. I’ve completed the things I want to do, I’ve bought the items and armors I want, I’m at 45/50 in my Hall of Monuments, and I’m happy with that.

And yet that’s what I spent my Saturday evening and all day Sunday doing – playing Guild Wars. And I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun doing so.

Several members of my guild for GW2, I Can Outtweet a Centaur!, met up to do the Wayfarer quests. We had fun. We did stupid things while running from point to point. We spent 45 minutes failing at an easy dungeon because we wanted treasure. We sat under the Pale Tree, made jokes about all sorts of inappropriate things, and hung out in Eye of the North dancing while using hero tonics. And thanks to one of our guild members accidentally recording two hours of gameplay (and filling his harddrive in the process), we’ll have this on video forever.

We decided to do Fissure of Woe on Sunday afternoon. I had decided that I wanted to send off my oldest GW character, my Ranger and my nickname’s namesake with a set of Obsidian armor. I helped finance sets of Obby for three other guildies so that they could get the points for their HoM. This completely wiped out the remainder of the money I had in-game, but it was more than worth it. Almost anything would be worth having so much fun with such an amazing group of people.

But one thing that most of us realized during all of this…this is likely the last time any of us will really play GW1. We’ll still log in for events and the like, I’m sure, but the days of playing all the time are over. While this is because of Guild Wars 2 launching in a week and headstart being in just over four days…it’s really kind of sad. The GW-EN farewell party refered to it as an end of an era, and really…I can’t think of any better way to describe it. There will never be another game like Guild Wars again. It really was a one of a kind thing, a very unique sort of game.

But sometimes it’s time to move on. There reaches a point where you’ve done everything in a game, and it no longer holds the appeal it used to. I will always love GW1, but it will never again hold the same sense of wonder and amazement that it used to. It’s time for Guild Wars 2 to prove itself.

And so I say to you, my dear Guild Wars, farewell. And even if I don’t log in frequently, I will never stop loving this game. To everyone I have met because of this game – thank you, for so many things. You are all amazing.

I will see you all in Guild Wars 2 this weekend.

Kel (@ebonywolf21), Optimus Maleficus (@mr_ex, Malefic Incantations), AJ (@AJWolf84, The Lore Wolf), and myself.


5 thoughts on “A fond farewell

  1. Everyone who ever worked on the original GW should take pride in the fact that their work inspired this type of sentiment, and so many great memories for their players.

    Congradulations ArenaNet. Job well done folks!

    • Haha, you weren’t in vent when I was posting this. I was like “guys this post is making me tear up”…and then AJ got all excited because she’s in both screencaps.

      I can’t wait for Friday night.

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