Dance Dance Revolution

I really wish I had been able to play in the stress test yesterday, because at long last the /dance emote was added in. And I love dancing in games. Whenever I’m idling or waiting for something in Guild Wars, I hit /dance (or, if I’m on my Dervish, /dancenew to spawn the disco ball and then /dance). They’re just fun.

So I was slightly sad that I didn’t get to play with them myself. Then I started watching all of the dance videos on youtube and was just…dying laughing. On one hand, I was slightly disappointed because there’s only one dance per race – no differences for male or female characters. On the other hand, that’ll make syncing up the giant dance parties that will happen (as they always have) a lot more entertaining and easier.

And of course the dances themselves are great. Everyday the humans are shuffling, norn are doing the Carlton, asura like to pop, the charr do the haka, and the sylvari have a very energetic (and cheerful) Punjabi dance. There’s a video here that displays all of them, along with their inspiration (and music).

Also, if somehow you haven’t yet seen this, you need to. Looks like naked dancing in GW is a tradition that will never die.


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