Guesting…finally here?

So we just got a new Guild Wars 2 blog post…announcing something that pretty much everyone’s been waiting for since launch. Guesting is finally coming! It’ll be in as of January 28th.


There’s a very big “but” included with that announcement.

Guesting is still locked to the data center that your home server is on.

This means that if you play on an NA server, you cannot play with people on an EU server, and vice versa.

I’m not going to lie. That does really bother me. I have a ton of friends on EU servers – including the friend I played through all of Guild Wars 1 with. We were all waiting for guesting so we could finally do stuff together.

So much for that.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m really excited and happy that guesting is finally in…but that fact really sours it. The community is international – my guild is hugely international, with a lot of people on EU servers. When guesting was originally spoken about, it was implied that there’d be no restrictions on what worlds you could guest to. I understand there are probably technical limitations for it, but being as the trading post, character names, mail system, and so on are all fully universal across all worlds…why not this?

Yay for guesting! However, boo on still being locked out of playing with a large number of my friends.


4 thoughts on “Guesting…finally here?

  1. I fully agree with this, cross-regional guesting has to be added to the game. I think only have one friend that is playing on a NA server, but that’s enough for me to be personally bothered by it.

    If guesting is restricted by the data centre – why have it at all? With that restriction, it basically only is another version of overflow that is guaranteed to be available everywhere but is annoying to use.

  2. If they are really worried about the amount of data that gets transfered between data centers they could just put limits on what you can do. Example make your bank not accesable while in another region.

    Or maybe give everone that guests on another server a special region inventory bag and everything you collect goes into that until it syncs with your actual data server

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