Legendarily Long Term Goals

There are times I look at what I’m doing in Guild Wars 2, and tell myself “Verene, you’re crazy”.

This is one of those times.

I’m Legendary hunting again.

Back in November I had decided I really, really wanted Bifrost. AJ had also decided she wanted it, so we decided to work together. Mats had been dirt cheap at the time, so we both were able to buy up a lot of it – I had everything for the Gift of Energy, all of the Opal Orbs and half of the Crystalline Dust for the Gift of Color, a decent number of unidentified dyes, both Artificer and Cooking maxed out early on…I was making decent progress. We both were. The stickiest parts were going to be the badges of honor, getting the precursor, and of course that pesky Gift of Zhaitan – we’d done Arah Explorable once and it was not a fun experience.

And then the price of T6 mats and dyes skyrocketed. Once dyes reached 16 silver apiece, we decided that getting that staff was a pipe dream that would never happen. We sold off all of our mats, making a huge amount of profit. And I, personally, decided that a Legendary was never going to be in the cards for me again.

Fast-forward to now. Mat prices are still high, but have come down a slight amount since we sold off everything. We’ve both gotten our map completions, meaning that there’s only one badge on the login screen that’s not filled in – equipping a Legendary weapon. For me, that one open spot is going to bother me until it’s filled in. Then AJ decided that she needs the Dreamer for her Thief…and as I get weirdly competitive at times, I went looking at Legendaries again.

And fell in love with Kudzu again.


Kudzu has always been, from the start, my favorite of the Legendaries. I had the Dryad Bow in Guild Wars 1, and it was my favorite bow skin. I make a point to re-skin my ranger’s shortbow to the Living Shortbow whenever I get a better one.

However, there are so many reasons I’m hating myself for this decision.

First of all, I have two Rangers. Neither are level 80. One is a level 30 norn, and the other is a level 11 sylvari. Sylvari will be more appropriate for this bow, but I want to give it to my norn. However, this means that I don’t even have a character leveled up to use it.

Second, Ranger is definitely the weakest of the professions. Sure, I could level my warrior and give Kudzu to her…but there’s not a chance I’m giving that gorgeous bow to a teeny asura. I’m really hoping for a Ranger update to make playing mine more palatable, being as I’ve got 50 levels to go still.

Third, I had the precursor before and sold it. I had gotten Leaf of Kudzu out of the end chest during Lost Shores. I had sold it for 75 gold at the time, as it wasn’t going for much. It’s now up to about 400 gold, last time I checked. I am kicking myself so hard for that.

Fourth, I have a habit of selling off excess mats and items regularly for cash. Not a week and a half ago I had sold all of my T6 mats, ancient wood, and mystic coins. Yup, regretting that one hardcore.

Fifth…Mystic Forge and my luck with rolling the dice. I am now up to about a dozen attempts at Mystic Clovers, between when I was working on Bifrost and now. I have four Clovers. AJ has said that she had better luck using the recipe for 10 clovers, but I’ve gotten nothing from that. The T6 mats you get when you don’t get Clovers are nice, but I have this sneaking suspicion that I’ll finish my T6 mats before I have all of my Clovers.

Current mat progress for gifts - one day of farming. Not bad.

Current mat progress for gifts – one day of farming. Not bad.

Still, I suppose I’m not doing horribly. I finished up Master Crafter quite a while ago. I did finish my map completion a couple of weeks ago so I’ve got the Gifts of Exploration. I’m about a quarter of the way there on my Badges of Honor, and if I do the EB jump puzzle a few times a week those’ll build up quickly – more quickly than actually trying to kill stuff in WvW. I’m sitting on about a half-million karma, between the jugs I’ve been hoarding and what’s available on the three of my four level 80s that have been to Orr. I do my dailies every day so my coins will build back up. I’ve got fractal relics I can turn in for obsidian. Once the update goes in where we get achievement tokens for doing dailies, that will make getting the obsidian shards even easier, as I’ll have three sources to get them from. I’ve got more than enough gold for the Icy Runestones at the moment. I’ve got nearly enough skill points on my Mesmer for the Bloodstone Shard (I’d have enough if I hadn’t bought every skill available), and I’ve been using my other 80s to get the Clovers. If I do one more run of Twilight Arbor I’ll have my Gift of Thorns, which is so easy to be a complete non-concern at this point. And I’m slowly making progress on my T6 mats. I’m a good chunk of the way into my Gift of Wood and Gift of Nature – the hardest part for those will be the total of two stacks of ancient wood I’ll need. I have plenty of orichalcum I can sell off for that, though, so I’m not hugely worried. They’ll likely be the first gifts I complete.

I’m not even worrying about the precursor yet. I’ll continue doing my dungeon runs and fighting Claw of Jormag, but I’m not expecting anything good out of the chests – I’ll still be socking away my cash to buy it. Maybe the scavenger hunt will come in before I get enough for it, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. Still, precursor will be the last thing I buy for this, I think.

It’s definitely a long-term goal, but it’s one where I can see the end in sight. It won’t be done this month, or the next, but it’ll be done. If I have it done by August 25th (the one year anniversary of the game), I’ll be happy. If I have it done sooner, even better!

Now, to level that Ranger…