Art Contest Winners!

Guys, I really love art contests. I love seeing all of the creativity that people create, all of the different styles that they use…

Basically, I love art.

And so here I have my winner for the signed CE contest! I didn’t get many entries, but the ones I did get were all very varied and I really enjoyed seeing all of them. First, before posting the winner, though, I want to show off the two entries I selected as runners-up! I do not have prizes for you guys (sorry!), but I still want to share your entries!

The first is a simple pencil sketch of a sylvari by Jo X. I am a sucker for pencil sketches, I won’t even deny it. The majority of my drawing is just scribbles and sketches. Also, it’s a sylvari…enough said.


The second one is The 35 Slot Shopping Cart, by Jeff. This one made me laugh. I think most engineers would like something like this.

Engineer Poster Sm

The winner, though, is Christopher’s entry, the Crafting Conundrum. The explanation behind the piece that he included made me laugh. As he put it:

The hours I’ve spent crafting in GW2 has always led my mind to wander to certain silly thoughts – particularly, what’s going through a character’s mind when they need to use several venom sacs or totems in creating an item. While we as the players simply see a progress bar, how do our characters react when faced with an Asura instruction manual that calls for a pile of totems in order to build a rifle or sword? And how does that even work?

I have definitely wondered such things myself, and I’m sure many people have as well. That, combined with the quality of the piece, made it an easy choice for me.


Congratulations, Christopher!

And congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered this contest, and again a big thank you to ArenaNet for giving me the chance to do this!

(Also, a special shout-out to Vivian, the winner of Syp’s photo contest – she had entered mine as well, and I absolutely love the cosplay. Great job and congrats!)


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