The best skills in Guild Wars 2, as collected by me

When it comes to Guild Wars 2, there are certain skills that are just better than others – whether or not it actually is more effective, it’s more fun, or you just simply like it more. I certainly have my favorites, skills that I make use of more than anything else!

So, in no particular order (other than how much I play that profession), here are my favorites of each professions’ skills. On we go!



FeedbackCreate a dome around your foes that reflects projectiles.

My mesmer is my main, and it’s no hiding the fact that I love playing her. Feedback is one of those skills that basically never leaves my bar. It’s useful basically everywhere – so many enemies use projectiles, and even without that, it’s an Ethereal field, meaning that it can be used to apply Confusion to enemies, or Chaos Armor to yourself and other allies. There’s also the fact that a well-timed Feedback can do massive amounts of damage to enemies as well as saving your team from nasty conditions (fun fact! You can Feedback Agony onto bosses in Fractals!). Love it. Illusionary Warden, Illusionary Berserker, and Blink also rank very high. Chaos Storm would make the list but staff on mesmer needs some love first.



BarrageBarrage the target area with a hail of arrows that cripple.

Longbow rangers tend to be a love them or hate them thing. I fall firmly on the side of “love them”; my ranger is the owner of Kudzu, the first legendary I made. Barrage is by far my favorite ranger skill, possibly my favorite skill in the game (I’m just saying, Feedback has some stiff competition there). It’s a large AoE, it deals heavy damage, and it cripples things forever. Whatever you hit isn’t going anywhere. It’s great in situations where there are lots of enemies, and I love nothing more than using Barrage into an enemy zerg while in World vs. World. Oh it’s so much fun. But yeah, what I’m saying here, is Barrage is awesome, and my guildies can attest to how frequently I say “I love using Barrage…”.



EmpowerChannel might to yourself and allies around you. Heal nearby allies when it ends.

I play my guardian as a support guardian – healing, boonspam, and shouts everywhere! Staff is my weapon of choice there, and my guardian is the owner of my second legendary, Bifrost. Empower takes it as my favorite guardian skill, because it’s just so darn good. It heals – a significant amount. It channels might – up to 12 stacks of it. It has a decent recharge. It being a channel can be a bit tricky at times – I hate when I get interrupted in the middle of throwing around heals and might – but a quick “Stand Your Ground!” just before takes care of that. Renewed Focus is a close second, simply because of the number of crazy things I’ve managed to survive due to those three seconds of invulnerability, but ultimately I like Empower more.


Well of Suffering

Well_of_SufferingTarget area pulses, damaging foes and inflicting vulnerability.

I actually had a hard time deciding which necro skill I liked best – Life Transfer, Consume Conditions, and Lich Form all were contenders. But when it came down to it, I knew it had to be a well. I love wells. When I was running a condition build, my utility bar was all wells, with the trait to make them placeable at range. Now that I run a more DPS-focued melee build…I still use wells, but instead I now bomb enemies with them as soon as I’m in melee range. Between the size of the AoE and the damage ticks, a well-placed well just melts everything. So much fun.


Skelk Venom

Skelk_VenomYour next few attacks heal you.

I had a hard time picking one for thief; despite the fact that my thief was my third level 80, I’ve had a hard time really clicking with the profession. I’ve recently decided to try out a venom share build, though, and I think I finally have it – something I can enjoy playing. With that said, I have to go with Skelk Venom. For this one, it’s really less about the skill itself – it’s a good skill, don’t get me wrong – but rather what it allows thieves to do. This one skill being added to the game single-handedly made thieves capable of lending support to other players. So yeah. Venoms. They’re fun.


Arcane Shield

Arcane_ShieldBlock attacks with an energy shield. If it blocks three attacks, it explodes.

Yeah, I’m not going with the hilariously overpowered Conjure Frost Bow here. I’m going with my good old friend, Arcane Shield. This skill is responsible for my elementalists (both of them!) dying half as frequently as, realistically, they should have. “AHHH THINGS ARE EATING ME!” quickly turns into “pop Arcane Shield and RUN AWAY”…and I’m still alive at the end of it. Really can’t go wrong with that! It’s also great for anything where getting hit when channeling (hi, skill points!) interrupts you and you just don’t feel like dealing with it. Or running in to grab points of interest and trying to avoid that champion patrolling around. Basically what I’m saying, is Arcane Shield is one of the best survival skills in this game.


Elixir B

Elixir_BDrink Elixir B to gain fury, might, retaliation, and swiftness.

Another where I’m not picking the more universally popular skill (sorry guys, I hate Grenade Kit. I’m not fond of ruining my wrists going click-click-click-click-click repeatedly). I run a conditions/support build on my engineer, revolving around the Elixir Gun and other elixirs. Of the utility elixirs, Elixir B is my favorite. I mean, come on now. When are those boons ever not useful? Never, I say. The toolbelt skill for it is a source of stability, something that is always helpful. And with the right trait setup, those boons last forever. It’s excellent.


Battle Standard

Battle_StandardPlace a battle standard that revives fallen allies and grants fury, might, and swiftness to allies.

I have a confession to make. I don’t actually use Battle Standard all that often. I tend to run around with Signet of Rage on my bar. However, that’s because most of the time when I’m just running around on either of my warriors, I’m alone exploring zones. When it comes to group events, dungeons, battling in Lion’s Arch, or anything where there are large amounts of people, though? Battle Standard all the way. The boons are nice, but it’s the revive that makes it so handy. The best use I’ve ever seen of it was someone using Vengeance and then Battle Standard to save our group from a wipe while fighting Giganticus Lupicus in Arah. It’s a situational skill, to be sure, but it’s also a great one.

So there we go! Those are the skills that I like the most and think are overall the best and most useful for each profession. This is, of course, all just my opinion – I don’t expect everyone to agree! But hey, give them a try. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite you’d never thought about before!


5 thoughts on “The best skills in Guild Wars 2, as collected by me

  1. I’d have to partially agree with you on some. I mean, as much as people would love to say it’s an objective thing, the “best” skills really are subjective!

    Feedback is huge. I adore Feedback (even though my Mesmer is currently deleted). I love when I see Mesmers use Feedback. I love going into Feedback and getting Chaos Armour with a leap. I love using a blast for Area Confusion. I LOVE FEEDBACK. I agree on Chaos Storm (one of my favourites in the game), but the staff really does need some lovin’!

    On my Ranger, my favourite would have to be Quickening Zephyr. 6s of Quickness for me and a beautiful Jaguar who’s stealthed and critting nonstop? Ooh la la. (Yes, I just said that)

    Guardian (my main) wouldn’t be Empower at all. It’s actually Smite Condition. I use it nonstop for tremendous damage, as well as getting rid of pesky conditions. I’m generally condition-free in PvE, which is quite amazing!

    Ele, I’m undecided on as of now. I love a tremendous amount of skills (as she’s my old main), so it’s tough to decide on just one!

    As for the rest, I really haven’t delved enough into them to fall in love, although the Thief’s Unload definitely felt nice to me, even though it is nowhere near their best skill.

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