Feature Patch, day three: Wardrobe and dye, oh my!

So, I’m not going to lie. This was the feature update information I was waiting for the most, and man was waking up to see the new blog posts this morning a way to get me excited.

We got two new things announced today; the first of which is a wardrobe system. Let me just let that sink in for a moment. A WARDROBE SYSTEM. The basics of it are that skins you have will be unlocked for your account, and can be changed on the fly by using Transmutation Charges, which is similar to the way the current transmutation system works, but easier to work with.

As someone who loves armor, but doesn’t like how much space carrying multiple sets takes, this has me really pleased.

This doesn't show other skins I've had and have since salvaged or transmuted over - just sets that character currently has on her. Also, whoops, forgot to repair my armor...

This doesn’t show other skins I’ve had and have since salvaged or transmuted over – just sets that character currently has on her. Also, whoops, forgot to repair my armor…

Equipping different stat types will be now separate from equipping skins; stat types will still be equipped through the basic hero panel. There will be a different panel specifically for the wardrobe, though, where you can view all of the different skins you have available to you, preview looks until you’re happy, and then apply. I transmute tons of armor (I tend to buy my characters nice sets at a low level so they’ll look pretty while leveling and then transmute my way through), and I know that sometimes when transmuting I double and triple check to make sure I have the right combination selected – especially on certain armor skins where they have generic icons (norn cultural heavy, I’m looking at you!). Don’t have to worry about that anymore!

Our hoards of transmutation stones won’t be going away, either – they’ll be transferring into the transmutation charges used in the new system. There’s some other neat changes – town clothes are mentioned as being turned into outfits which will be unlocked account wide and can be equipped over armor without using a transmutation charge, similar to how costumes in Guild Wars 1 functioned, which is very cool. Certain clothing items that can’t be bought any longer will be turned into endless tonics. Also, for items that went through a skin progression, such as a legendary? You’ll unlock both the legendary’s skin, as well as the precursor.

Yeah, I’m putting Bifrost, Kudzu, and the Minstrel on everyone I can.

Part of me is slightly frustrated at this coming in so late – I have bought SO many armor sets, including multiple sets of t1 and t2 armor across characters (or in some cases, rebuying them). But honestly…it’s just money, in-game money at that. Big deal! I’m excited to see all of the fun I can have with this. There’s still some things we don’t know yet – it’s mentioned how skins will be unlocked, but not if there’ll be any changes with how armor stats will be obtained – but over all, I’m really happy with this.

Now! Blog post number two today was about account-wide dye unlocks! Again, let that sink in for a moment. All dyes you’ve unlocked will be now unlocked account-wide.

I have something like 300 dyes unlocked on my mesmer, including a number of rare ones (Abyss, Celestial, and several of the various limited-time dyes). I love dyes. This is so great.

It scrolls. A lot.

It scrolls. A lot.

“But I’ve unlocked X color on more than one character!” you say. They’ve planned for that already – when you log in after the April 15th patch, if you have a particular color unlocked more than once, then you will receive an unidentified dye for each duplicate you’ve already unlocked. Personally I can’t wait to see how many unidentified dyes I wind up with after that, as I know there are a ton of colors I’ve unlocked multiple times (Icing, I’m looking at you).

The flip side to this is that dyes are going to be removed as a random drop; the logic behind that decision is that dyes will go down in demand due to unlocks being account-wide, and I can certainly understand that…and I feel like in a few months we won’t care about it. But right now there’ll be a lot of people wanting to finish up their dye collections (or at least get all of the colors they’ve wanted), and it’s going to be difficult. At the moment, dye prices have spiked dramatically – blue quality dyes that previously sold for under a silver are now about 40s or more each. The good thing is that it says they’ll still be available through select in-game rewards, and they only specify them being removed as drops, so I assume that we’ll still be able to spend laurels on dye. They’ll also still be sellable on the trading post, as well as able to go into the Mystic Forge, so that’s good. I’m mainly wondering if they’ll still be an occasional bonus you can get when gathering herb nodes, as I personally love when a node gives me vanilla AND a dye.

I had tons of armor in Guild Wars 1. I spend way too much time in Guild Wars 2 previewing armors and playing with dyes (the number of times I’ve started redyeing my armor in the middle of a dungeon run…). This is such great news for someone like me, and holy hell am I excited to log in on April 15th and see all of the new options available on all of my characters.

Bring on the feature patch!


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