So what’s been going on?

As far as the game goes, stuff in Guild Wars 2 has been a bit light as of late. The feature patch has settled in and everything has turned over to megaservers. There’s as of yet no news as to when Living Story season 2 will start. The game has launched in China, though that has little to no effect on us. Basically, there’s not much happening right now!

And as such, I thought this was a good time to just sort of sit down and go over some of the things I’ve been doing lately.

So what have I been doing as of late?

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned already, I finished the Minstrel back at the start of April, bringing my legendary weapon count up to three. I think I’m going to take a break from making legendaries for now; I’m at a point where there’s only one or two that I haven’t done yet that I’d consider making. The price of precursors is currently ridiculous, so I’m not even going to start thinking of that for a long time. There are other things I’d rather work right now anyway (I want the scepter Immobulus, for example), so I’m good on legendaries.

Rianna Xi, the newest of my level 80s.

Rianna Xi, the newest of my level 80s.

My baby thief that I made the day of the feature patch has hit level 80, and I came up with a ridiculously silly and fun build to run on her. She is based on a roleplay character of mine, so to remain true to the character that limited me in a lot of ways – for example, pistols cannot be used. Main weaponset had to be melee. Luckily, dual-wielding daggers on a thief perfectly matches said character. Peacemaker and Dark Asuran daggers were as close to the look I wanted as I could get, but they match pretty well. The build I’m using is 4/4/0/6/0, based on signets. It’s very powerful, it keeps you alive forever, and it’s terrifyingly effective. I’m having a great deal of fun with it.

For all that I’m unhappy with the current trait system as it stands now, leveling to 80 with such a limited trait selection did mean that I wound up using ones that normally I wouldn’t have played around with, and found them to be better than I had expected. So there was that. This was also the first character I leveled up where I didn’t do any crafting. I got to level 50ish and at that point decided I was determined to play through to 80 without getting any levels from crafting. As a result I actually made a pretty significant amount of money while leveling – I did tons of gathering, and the 50-70 zones in general tend to be good for money due to the t4 materials you can get there.

This also brings my total number of level 80s up to 10. I still have 7 characters that are unleveled – two (asura elementalist and human guardian) are in the mid-40s, the others are all in the 20s. I’m undecided yet as to who to level next. Logic would say finish the elementalist or guardian, but I find myself drawn to my sylvari necromancer.

As I’ve written about previously, I’ve been doing some sPvP as of late. It’s a fun way to do something different while in game. I also like to mess around in Edge of the Mists. I’m still not a big WvW person, but EOTM is fun. I do really hope that a lot of things that were done in there are brought into WvW proper, such as varying the bosses for different areas you’re capturing. I’m always in favor of boss mechanics that are more than just “lots of HP”.

Even though she has to share, of course my mesmer gets the new toy first.

Even though she has to share, of course my mesmer gets the new toy first.

Since ascended items are now fully account-bound, I decided to bite the bullet and make plans to make some ascended weapons. Yesterday I finally leveled my weaponsmithing to 500 and made an ascended greatsword. In a few days I’ll be adding an ascended sword as well. My mesmer gets first dibs on the shinies, of course, but these two weapons will be shared between her, my ranger, and my guardian. I cannot recommend enough that if you are going to craft ascended weapons, to farm as many of the materials you need yourself. I waited until I had almost all of the materials I needed for the swords themselves before crafting to 500, and in that time I was also able to collect fairly large amounts of orichalcum, ancient wood, ecto, and t6 materials. By the time I hit 500, despite having to buy more materials along the way, I had actually made a pretty good chunk of profit from selling the weapons I had made – by the time everything sold I had about 30g more than I had started out with.

Everything else has been more of the same, really. Running dungeons with my guild, doing gathering runs. I’ve been starting to hit world boss events every so often again – I had stopped doing those after the feature patch because I’m not a big fan of the schedule, but there are some good timers available now that make it easier to keep track of what is running when. My former Orr gathering runs have been replaced with gathering in Sparkfly, Timberline, and Maelstrom. I’m finding it to be as profitable as running in Orr was, as platinum and hard wood are so much more plentiful than orichalcum and ancient wood are to gather. All of these things mean I am able to steadily make a consistent amount of money. I’ll never be one of those people who is insanely rich (from playing the trading post, generally), but I generally sit comfortably around 100g. That’s enough money for my general needs and wants, so I’m happy with that.

So yeah, in a nutshell, that’s been what I’ve been up to for the past month or so in GW2. Anyone else up to anything new or fun?


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